REPOST: just some punk songs: The Hypnic Jerks - Zombies

The Hypnic Jerks are a pop punk powerhouse from Chicago who are influenced by all the best old school bands (Ramones, Queers, Riverdales.....). They've been together since 2007 and feature Pat Holland (guitar/vocals), Tony Trenkler (bass/vocals) and Mikey Cervenka (drums). 
  Their first release was a s/t 6 track ep in 2008 and this was followed up in 2013 with the Stay Home album. You can check them out here :

   Last May they were in the studio working on a new album, Lost In Love, but I'm not sure when it'll see the light of day though Pat and Tony been keeping busy as members of The Parasites.

I took what's written  above from today's post Mick Fletcher fanzine, or maybe you use to call them blogs, Just Some Punk Song, which is obviously my (and many other people) fave web fanzine.

So here's the song 


ROCK 'N ROLL CAN'T DIE! I guess we all know, and finally - if I was you - I would subscribe to "Just Some Punk Songs". Or put it in Feed, Thing, Whatever, do your partyou will have only advantages. Later, Paolo. (blogger & I.T.quality guy [can't even remember the addresses of blogs!])
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