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Here is a post just published by author Thomas Wictor: 'They lied about white phosphorus'

It's a must-read, I believe. The lies written in the piece were already known. But the article has something I never read or saw. We know that no evidence will change things about the opinion about the state of Israel. That opinion brings you money and makes you popular. You live and then you die. Why being morally honest?

MYSTAGOGY: The Divinely Exquisite Fifteenth of August

Bobby Dwayne Womack: March 4, 1944, June 28, 2014

Bobby Womack (1944 – 2014) by The Soul Preacher on Mixcloud

"Bobby Womack died June 28, 2014 at age 70. He was an inspiration to so many legendary singers in the rock & soul business. Womack was good friend with Sam Cooke and Wilson Pickett and he was the writer of a big hit for the Rolling Stones: "It's All Over Now". The Stones later rewarded Womack with 400,000 Dollars for just that one song. But Womack's music is not over yet at all. I could imagine me no better start for a tribute than hearing Aretha Franklin on a Womack tune."

Bartolomeo Tromboncino "Non Al Suo Amante"

Capella de Ministrers is recovering the musical heritage from an astounding and up-to-date perspective. Octavio Lafourcade plays the vihuela in this instrumental version of the Tromboncino's frottola which appears in its CD Plaser y Gasajo


Blues and Rock


Ettore Spalletti


Bring Back Our Girls


The Decibels in Spain - Whole Wide World

Can you imagine a world without the Decibels? I can't !!

Dave Crimmen "Dancin'Shoes" Acoustic

Stan Ridgway - Camouflage


Mannequin Pussy “Clue Juice”

Mannequin Pussy, "Clue Juice" from Impose on Vimeo.

Brooklyn’s Mannequin Pussy put out a well fueled rock ‘n roll long play in 2013 called Gypsy Pervert; “Clue Juice” from that album got a video premiere at Impose a little while ago. It features some neat live footage.